Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do you feel safe from brute-force attacks, credential stuffing, phishing campaigns, malware attacks, ransomware? What about fires, tornados, or flooding?

Any of these events can cause outages and lost (or stolen) data; but outages are also often caused by human error.

At Spera Partners, we offer a robust and reliable BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solution to ensure your business continuity no matter what disaster strikes.

We removed the possibility of human error by developing a highly secure backup and recovery solution that is fully capable of keeping your data safe and secure using:

Here is sampling of our BDR services:

Remote Monitoring and Management
Backup files need to be updated and checked regularly. Our tools will alert us right away if there are any issues so that we can proactively correct them.
Business Continuity
When disaster strikes, you can trust Spera Partners to have a business continuity plan in place that ensures your operation will continue to run smoothly. Our proactive planning gives you peace of mind so your attention can be on your business, not on unexpected events.
Disaster Recovery
A backup recovery system is much more than just duplicating copies of your files. In case of a sudden catastrophe, Spera Partners’ system allows authorized users to easily access the backup files. We then repair and replace all your files, behind the scenes, while keeping your business running in the foreground.
Multiple Backups

Our solution allows you to have backup data in not just one, but multiple secure locations. We offer onsite, offsite, and cloud locations for your backup. Integration of all three of these backup options offers the highest security, quickest restore capability, and the least amount of downtime.

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We ensure your business continuity & data safety so you can have peace of mind.

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