Security as a Service

Are your in-house resources spending valuable time managing your cybersecurity? Security as a Service (SaaS) provides 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) so you can focus on progress rather than protection.

SaaS features a Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed with experts whose sole purpose is to monitor your environment. Building a SOC can take months, so let us do the heavy lifting. If a threat is detected, we respond in real time by notifying you, eliminating the threat, and identifying the cause. We also take the time to provide recommendations on how to prevent similar threats from happening in the future.

In addition to MDR, our Security as a Service also provides TDR or threat detection response as well as threat hunting which tracks down an anomaly, why it’s there, and determines if it is an actual threat. These tools can not only help reduce your operating costs but improve your cybersecurity insurance coverage.

We handle your security and protection so you can focus on your progress.

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