Vape Sensors

Struggling to identify vape users in your school? Vape Sensors alert you to activity before the user even knows it, and in our experience, not only deters use but eradicates it wherever they are located after the first user is caught. Word of mouth travels fast!

Vape Sensors are sophisticated enough to detect not only vape (moisture or smoke), but nicotine, THC levels, air quality, and language as well. That’s right, they are designed to intelligently detect key words associated with bullying or distress, or elevated noise levels often associated with vandalism or aggression and notify personnel in real-time.

The presence of the sensors alone is a deterrent for most students, but additional features to help with the more determined users include tamper sensors and masking detection which alert personnel if the device senses touch – whether to vandalize or attempt to cover it.

Spera Partners installs Triton Sensors for most projects. These vape sensors are no bigger than a smoke detector, offer a 10yr warranty, and low false alarm rate.

We provide vape sensing to improve your school’s security and efficiency.

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