Interactive Displays

Technology’s answer to the whiteboard (or chalkboard if you missed the last upgrade), Interactive Displays are revolutionizing classrooms, enhancing learning experiences, and fostering greater student engagement.

No more replacing expensive light bulbs in your projector or dry erase markers that so easily walk away from the classroom. Spera Partners can get you caught up with the latest technological advancements and handle everything from budgeting to installation.

For the education sector, studies* show a positive impact on both students and teachers with lessons delivered using Interactive Displays. Student attention levels and collaboration between students and teachers increased by 64%, while both student test scores and attendance increased by 60%. Teacher satisfaction also saw a 66% increase as the technology enabled them to plan and deliver lessons more efficiently so they could shift their focus from the technology to the students. For the business sector, Interactive Displays help elevate workplace training, collaboration, and design.

Unlock the full potential of your classroom or office!

*The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ of Promethean ActivPanel

A multitouch interactive display panel through our partners at Promethean boasts an array of features including:

We provide complimentary consultations to schools and businesses on the best equipment for your space and then see the project through with procurement, logistics, management, and installation. Our full managed services are also available for ongoing support.

We handle everything from delivery logistics to installation.

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