Beyond Security: The 4 Hidden Benefits of Video Surveillance

Now more than ever, businesses and schools need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure the safety of their operations and their people.  Video surveillance has become a powerful tool to help mitigate risks and provide a sense of security for both employees and faculty/students.  But did you know that the benefits go far beyond security to boost operational efficiency as well?  Lean in as I share the four (4) hidden benefits of video surveillance systems and how they not only enhance security measures, but improve cashflow, productivity, and much more.



Advanced technologies, such as cloud-based storage and scalable camera systems, contribute to reducing upfront costs and operational expenses. Cloud storage eliminates the need for extensive on-site hardware, maintenance, and physical storage space, streamlining the overall cost structure.

Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in surveillance systems enhances cost-effectiveness by automating routine monitoring tasks. AI algorithms can distinguish between normal activities and potential threats, optimizing the allocation of security resources – using them only where they are needed most. As organizations prioritize both security and financial considerations, the cost-effectiveness of modern video surveillance becomes a compelling factor.

Example: A car dealership could spend hours scanning video following suspected vandalism.  With the implementation of the ‘smart alert’ feature on their video surveillance, authorized users can streamline playback via an app in near real-time to the incident. This feature alone helps cut costs by eliminating the need to monitor and respond to false alarms. Smart alerts also allow for customized event tracking such as vehicle tracking (to identify license plates in the dealership parking lot) which frees up valuable resources and prioritizes response times for critical events.


Operational Efficiency and Productivity

The second hidden benefit of video surveillance can arguably be as critical to an organization as the security itself – efficiency and productivity. For businesses, this can mean monitoring workflow, identifying bottlenecks in processes, and streamlining operations by implementing targeted improvement plans. This data-driven approach enables businesses to reduce downtime and allocate resources more effectively.

For schools, the analysis of video surveillance footage can help administrators gain insights into student behavior, identify patterns that contribute to a positive learning atmosphere, and make informed decisions to improve the overall educational experience. This proactive tool ensures the efficient allocation of resources, identifies and addresses issues promptly, and maintains a safe and productive learning environment for students.

Example: During the COVID-19 pandemic, a K-12 school was dealing with stifled productivity due to the time involved with doing individual temperature checks upon building entry.  The installation of thermal cameras in their high-traffic areas not only sped up the process but allowed staff to focus on more pressing job duties and gave everyone peace of mind. Customized event tracking features like this also include setting motion triggers in specific areas and facial recognition which can bundle events from one camera to the next.


Technology Advancements and Long-term Viability

Upgrading from an old surveillance system is essential to harness the benefits of the latest technological advancements. Older systems may lack the features and capabilities necessary for addressing contemporary security challenges. Modern video surveillance systems offer high-resolution cameras, intelligent video analytics, and integration capabilities. By upgrading, businesses and schools can trust in the long-term viability of their security infrastructure, ensuring that it remains effective and adaptable to evolving threats and industry standards. Embracing innovative technology enhances the overall reliability and performance of the surveillance system, providing a more robust and comprehensive solution for the organization’s security needs.

Example: A retail store opens a new location but anticipates expanding the store’s footprint within the first two years.  By installing an NVR (network video recorder) system, the business has the flexibility to add additional cameras in the future. An NVR is a small piece of hardware – so not an issue for real estate in the new space – and has the capability to support a large number of cameras. Most NVRs have the capacity to range from 8, 16, 32 or up to 64 cameras allowing for scalability as needed, ensuring the long-term viability for the business.


Unauthorized Access Prevention

Controlling access to sensitive areas is crucial for both businesses and schools. Video surveillance integrated with access control systems such as card readers to confirm identity or credentials can help in monitoring and preventing unauthorized access.

At an internal level, card access can secure valuable assets.  In a business setting such as a server room or human resources department, tracking and reporting are additional benefits to the security of card access coupled with video.  Similarly, but on a larger scale, when you are ensuring the safety of students and faculty in a school from unauthorized outside visitors, it can impact not only those inside the doors but often the entire community.  So, card access proves to be a valuable benefit and partner to video surveillance as a proactive means of safeguarding against potential security threats.

Example: A private school in the inner city is looking to update their surveillance.  The double defense of video surveillance and card access provided the best combination to capture any potential suspects on video but also keep them from gaining access through secured entry controls.  The school’s administration and security personnel are now able to swiftly access documentation of who accessed the building at what entry point, along with supporting footage, simplifying identity confirmation as well as communication with authorities if needed.



Video surveillance is a multifaceted tool that goes beyond mere security. By embracing today’s advanced technology, businesses and schools can not only create a safer environment but a more efficient one as well.  The four (4) hidden benefits of video surveillance may not seem so hidden after all when you consider how integral they are to organizational success and security.  From cost-effectiveness to productivity to staying on top of technical advances and ensuring the long-term viability of your systems and authorized access….investing in video surveillance is a strategic decision that can yield long-term benefits.

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