Are you on a Hackers Watchlist?

In the last decade, billions of people have had their information stolen from one, if not multiple, business hacks. As technology advances, people tend to forget about outdated technology and are lackadaisical about security, assuming that their hardware/software has them covered. Outdated devices, human error, malware and theft are all things that contribute greatly to the possibility of a data breach. It’s important to ensure companies are well aware of all possible breaches in order to shore up defenses.

Outdated Devices and Software

Outdated devices and software increase the risk of breaches because they are no longer receiving regular security updates and patches. Windows XP long ago hit end of life, and Window 7 approaches a similar fate. Hackers target hardware running these operating systems knowing they’re going unpatched, and therefore are more vulnerable. Another issue that can occur when using outdated technology is not meeting the newest WIFI protocol standards. This means the device is likely not receiving a secure connection, something hackers love to see. You make their job so much easier that way.

Human Error

This list would be incredibly inaccurate if human error wasn’t included. At the end of the day, humans are both the greatest asset and the greatest liability for any company. Why? Humans are flawed and often let things slip through the cracks, typically by accident. Unfortunately, these accidents can wreck a business. Using weak passwords, falling for phishing scams and sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient can all spell disaster.  You must invest in employee education and basic data security training to avoid these struggles.

Malware Threats

Malware breaches infect you when you’re least expecting it. You click on that email link thinking it’s harmless. You respond to that Facebook message with attachment. You reply to the email from your “boss”, and it all goes downhill from there. The biggest issue with malware is that hackers are getting smarter and inventing new ways to wreak havoc every day. For example, a packer is a type of malware that could hide from your antivirus because of the coding that compresses it.  A crypter creates altered, and infected, copies of a program. As soon as it’s clicked on, it begins to decrypt. Polymorphic malware is malware that repeatedly uses packing and crypting methods to change the way it looks. Utilizing proper virus protection, backups, and employee education all reduce this threat.

Opportunities for Theft

Physical theft is always a risk as well. Whether it is an employee or a stranger, the effect is devastating to a business. Think about it. If your best employee had a change of heart and quit tomorrow, what data is accessible to them? If there is no backup data recovery set in place, important data could be lost forever. Obviously, thieves are typically opportunistic, taking the path of least resistance. Ensure that you have data locked up tight and properly backed up in order to protect yourself.

Are you leaving your company open to any of these breach invitations? We can help you close the doors.

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